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Birth Control

Sexual Abstinence is Our Chosen Form of Birth Control

Sexual abstinence means voluntarily refraining from any type of sexual activity.  “Sexual activity refers to actions intended to result in sexual arousal or gratification.” (taken from Medical Institute)  Many people in many different cultures throughout the world practice abstinence.  It is a common choice made by women and men who want to avoid the consequences of premarital sex.  It is the only absolute way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  

Teen pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease caused by sexual activity are great concerns around the world.  There are forms of birth control and disease prevention methods available, each with varying degrees of success.  There is only one method that is 100% effective in preventing unintended pregnancy and the transfer of sexually transmitted disease – sexual abstinence.  

Don’t be fooled – oral sex, anal sex, dry sex (outercourse or grinding), mutual masturbation or any other intimate physical activity done between two people for sexual pleasure is still considered sexual activity and does not count as abstinence.  It’s all sex! Some of these activities can still cause pregnancy or spread STDs, and chances are will lead to sexual intercourse.  True sexual abstinence is to avoid any act of sexual activity between two people that results in sexual arousal.  When in doubt, a good question to ask yourself is: can this behavior be done in public, or only in private?  

Deciding to abstain from sexual activity can be very difficult.  Many couples feel that physical affection is needed to take their relationship to the ‘next level.’  There are many ways to express your love for someone without becoming sexually active.  For some, going out to dinner, taking a romantic walk, or watching a movie can be as fulfilling as sex and can lead to deeper communication and respect.  Teenagers are often pressured into sexual activity; otherwise, they are thought of as a ‘loser’ or ‘uncool.’  Allowing someone to pressure you into a major decision with so many risks is not ‘cool.’  If you are in this type of relationship, you may want to figure out what it’s based on and what you are looking for in a relationship.   For more information visit 

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