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...because an unintended pregnancy is a difficult thing to face alone. 

You are not alone. You have choices to make and need accurate and relevant information about your options...all of them. We understand there are no easy answers, no one solution is right for everyone.

Serving Salem & Cumberland Counties in New Jersey 
Salem Center - 567 Salem Quinton Road, Salem, NJ

Image Clear Ultrasound in Cumberland County NJ

“I learned that there are many options for me.”
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There is no cost for our services -- just your time.  The choice is yours.



  • Positive alternatives to abortion

  • Confidential advice

  • Information on healthy relationships

  • Referral network for medical care, housing, 
    adoption and other social services

  • Spiritual discussion and support

  • Maternity and baby supplies (Salem Center only)



  • STD education 

  • Pregnancy testing with immediate results 

  • Ultrasound exams to confirm pregnancy 

  • Pregnancy options information

  • Pregnancy and parenting  program

  • Pregnancy loss recovery (miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion)

  • GET REAL, a Healthy Relationship Education Program

Earn As You Learn

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