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Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy Symptoms
Detecting the early signs of pregnancy is not always easy. There are many different symptoms, and it is possible to have all or only a few of them. Some women have all the early signs of a pregnancy, yet are not pregnant, while others may only have some of the signs but are definitely pregnant. The signs and symptoms of an early pregnancy are only signs -- not a confirmation of pregnancy. Your symptoms should be followed up with a valid pregnancy test for a reliable and accurate early diagnosis. 

Early Pregnancy Signs:

  • You stop having your period, or you spot slightly when you would have normally had your period, or you spot when the fertilized egg implants in your uterus. 

  • You experience swollen or tender breasts. 

  • You need to urinate more frequently.

  • You experience excess, unexplained tiredness and may even need to nap.

  • You experience constipation, indigestion, heartburn and/or bloating.

  • You have erratic mood swings, such as feeling sad, angry or happy for no apparant reason.

  • You experience nausea and/or start feeling sick to your stomach, which often occurs in the morning – known as "morning sickness." 

  • You may sense the life of the small person growing inside you. {more about fetal development}

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