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WHo We Are

Mission Statement
Cornerstone Women’s Resource Centers offers life-affirming choices and hope through Jesus Christ by providing practical help and education. Our services to young women, their families, and school students are free and confidential.  We are a faith based, pro-life, non-profit organization serving Salem and Cumberland Counties in New Jersey.

Cornerstone Women’s Resources Centers are led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  An Executive Director manages the day-to-day operations of two centers and eight additional staff. The staff oversees client services, volunteers, training, scheduling, events, fundraising, PR, and financial operations.


  • Located in Salem and Cumberland counties, Cornerstone has been serving Salem County since its inception in 1983, and in Cumberland County since 1989.  This was in response to the growing need for education and support for teenagers, young adults, and their families during an unplanned crisis pregnancy.

  • Became a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status in 1987.


Sexual Integrity & Relationship Education
GET REAL, a character-based, sexual integrity, healthy relationship program, is presented to youth and young adults at area public and private schools, church, and community groups.  Young people are challenged to explore choices about their sexual behavior and to make educated, moral decisions about their sexuality.  Teens learn the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of premarital sex and the dangers and damages of sexually transmitted diseases.  They also learn how to resist peer pressures and media messages.

Pregnancy Services
Cornerstone provides hCG-urine pregnancy testing to those who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Ultrasound scans are available for clients with a positive test.  Referrals are made to prenatal care and clinics, maternity homes, and adoption agencies.  Adoption information and abortion risk education are given to help women make informed decisions about their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Loss Recovery Assistance
Pregnancy loss clients may participate in our individual or group program for recovery assistance from miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or early infant death.
Earn As You Learn
Implemented to meet the increasing demand for parenting skills, Earn as You Learn is an empowerment program for pregnant and parenting young women, partners, and husbands.  Through sessions on pre-natal care, pregnancy and delivery, parenting, relational issues, budgeting, and elected Bible studies, clients learn to make healthy and positive choices while earning points to ‘spend’ in our Baby Boutique (supplied with donated baby items).


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